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A third of people say they wouldn’t date vegans


Sorry, vegans. You may be morally superior. You may have glowing skin. Your health may be spectacular. But just like the rest of us, you’re going to end up alone. Well, you’re fairly likely to, anyway. A new study says that one third of people wouldn’t be up for dating a vegan. Dating app Trueview.me surveyed 1,000 men and women around the UK to find out their thoughts on dating, love, and food.

They found out that 34% of these people wouldn’t want to date a vegan.

Which might not sound like a massive portion of the population, but it’s actually pretty worrying when you consider the percentage of people you’d actually be interested in dating. And the percentage of people who’d be put off by your other personality traits.

Men tended to be more bothered by a partner’s veganism than women, so anyone who’s a vegan and into men might struggle to find a match.

Researchers also found that 77% of people wouldn’t be open to giving up meat for a partner, so if you do manage to find a non-vegan to date, it might be a bad idea to try to convert them.

But if you’re feeling smug because you’re single and not a vegan, erm, don’t.

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28% of those surveyed said that they considered eating junk food the most off-putting diet habit a potential partner can have.

And that is why I will die alone.

The takeaway from this? There will always be someone who’s put off by the way you eat – but clearly those people aren’t right for you. Find people who share your foodie interests – whether that’s tempeh or teriyaki chicken – and focus on them.

Because let’s be real, being able to share a starter is one of the most important parts of any great marriage.


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