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Whether you are ‘Vegan-Curious’, thinking about becoming Vegan, or already Vegan, this is a place for YOU!

I got my start at the Natural Gourmet Institute where I learned about health supportive cooking, so I know about all the good stuff you should be eating!

AND as the only vegan in my house AND a stay at home mom, I also know that meals need to be fast, easy, healthy, and appeal to every palate. Including KID palates, which we all know are the hardest.

Hopefully, this means that I will be able to help you figure out how to be Vegan in YOUR life!

A ‘Half-Scratch’ method of mixing whole foods, with frozen and prepared vegan foods makes plant-based eating a more attainable lifestyle for more people, and that is my goal!

I’ll be sharing my personal favorite products and recipes to help every new vegan.

Plus, I’ve got tons of recipes and an incredible Vegan network I can call on for anything!

I can’t wait to help guide you to your Vegan life.

*I’m currently moving all the recipes here from my other website My Source Life, but all of them live there right now, so check them out!