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Study finds vegan blood is 8 times more effective at killing cancer cells


This study is proving yet another health benefit of eating vegan. Collective Evolution reports that scientists have found that blood taken from vegans is 8 times more effective at killing cancer cells, when compared to blood taken from people who follow a Standard American Diet (with the hilariously appropriate acronym of S.A.D).

In a series of experiments, test subjects were assigned the opposing diets. Their blood was then pitted against cancer cells in a petri dish, in hopes of determining which diet resulted in blood that was more effective at suppressing cancer growth. The results found that the vegan blood (after maintaining a year long plant-based diet) had nearly 8 times the stopping power when it comes to cancer cell growth. Stress management groups, yoga, and some other techniques were utilized to show how lifestyle effects cancer, as well, with diet still taking the cake.

Another similar but short-term experiment found a dramatic strengthening of cancer defence against breast cancer after only 14 days of plant-based eating and light exercise. Only two weeks of making fruits, veg, and legumes the priority saw that the woman tested had significantly slowed cancer growth. A separate trial ran to make sure the exercise wasn’t the true cancer-killer, and found that while it did help, plant-based diets were still twice as powerful at attacking cancer cells.

The health benefits of eating a vegan diet are already widely shared, with everyone from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association to the Harvard Medical School agreeing that this way of eating is not only nutritionally sound, but can be preventative in treating certain disease. So while we happily celebrate the positive side effects we stand to gain from the lifestyle, none trump that being vegan means ending animal exploitation.

*Details on the study can be found here, as sourced by Collective Evolution. “New” was removed, to reflect that the study isn’t new, only the examination is.


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