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Winemakers are replacing gelatin with pea-protein


VegNews reports that a company called Eaton is making it easier for winemakers to create vegan products. WineBusiness.com recently addressed the growing demand for gelatin free wine, and hypes the effortless and necessary switch to pea protein with Eaton products. No more guzzling animal fats!

Eaton supports that their SIHA Pea Protein based replacement acts as a stabilizer to everyone’s favourite dinner accompaniment, similar to the gelatin that’s commonly used now. Combined with other vegan fining agents (substances to clarify wine), such as active bentonite and silica sol, Eaton’s is confident it can match the consumer demand for animal-product free wine easily.

SIHA Activated Carbon powder is thrown in to the mix for correcting colour and odour deficiencies and off-flavours prior to bottling, and SIHA Brilliant and SIHA Tannin enhances the characteristics of sparkling wines and champagnes, keeping our options open for celebrations. It’s a lot of big words, but all you need to know is that none of them come from animals. The best part for sceptical winemakers? There are no special tools or additional equipment needed to swap gelatin out, and bring vegan customers in.

“Today’s consumers want alternatives to gelatin fining,” Dr. Ilona Schneider, an enologist involved with product management beverage treatment and research and development at Eaton’s Filtration Division, said in Wine Business Magazine. “We are pleased to offer one that is vegan and free from genetically modified organisms and allergens. It is also in agreement with kosher and halal dietary requirements.”

With leaders like Guinness paving the way for big brands to make the switch to vegan, there may come a day when Barnivore just becomes a list of all alcohol beverages (we can dream). 


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