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Vegan Chain Expands in Florida, Plans to Open 100 Locations Worldwide


Latest Vegan News reports that Choices Organic Cafe has settled in to it’s fifth location in Weston, Florida. The health centric, 100% plant-based spot was founded five years ago by brothers Alex and Jorge Cuevas, and is known for serving up brunch, bowls, burgers, and massive platters of brownies (okay mostly healthy). They even have a vegan “bacon” donuts that’s made headlines. They’ve been able to share their compassionate, sustainable example of living in big ways in a small period of time.

And the team isn’t planning on slowing down either, with aspirations to continue spreading the love until they have 100 locations. “Our mission is to inspire compassionate choices by serving food that is made with love for people, for animals, and for the planet,” Choices Cafe president, Lori Zito, told LVN. “We believe there is a gentler, kinder way of life. And by giving people the opportunity to choose plant-based food, we can help cultivate change with every meal we serve.” Hear hear!

Outside of their own impact, Choices has been credited with pioneering the vegan scene in Miami by influencing other vegan restaurant’s to pop-up, and grocery stores to carry more faux meats and dairy-free options. Lito says, “We’d like to believe that we’ve played some part in this rise of consciousness. And we are hopeful that this movement is only at its infancy, and will continue to grow and gain momentum.” Florida today, waking up the world tomorrow.

“We acknowledge the suffering that is occurring in our world today, and we are way too stubborn to let it continue,” Lito continued. It’s clear a good number of hungry Floridians agree that suffering shouldn’t be on the menu. This Canadian hopes there’ll be even more Choices for vegans in the future!

Have you had a chance to dine at Choices Cafe? Tell us about your experience below!

Photo from Choices Cafe Facebook page


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