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The First-Ever All Vegan Chicken Shop Is Now Open In London


London is obsessed with chicken. There are countless Morley’s in the South and an entire KFC enterprise built around North, East and Central London. And this January London has also become home to the first-ever all vegan fried chicken shop, serving up a bunch of bargain buckets for our meat-free brethren. The Hackney-based shop will be the birthchild of the all-vegan brand the Temple of Seitan. It will serve a range of vegan fried chicken, whether you want it in a subway sandwich, in strips, or just as a straight-up bucket of popcorn chicken.Temple of Seitan fried chicken (Photograph: Hannah Sierp via Twitter)

Temple of Seitan fried chicken (Photo: Hannah Sierp via Twitter

“We’re looking forward to providing a vegan alternative for Londoners craving a takeaway,” Rebecca McGuinness of Temple of Seitan told the Fat Gay Vegan.

All the chicken will be made from seitan, a meat substitute made with wheat protein powder that can be seasoned to taste like all your favourite meat-based flavours.

Now, most people say that by going vegan or vegetarian they would miss out on chicken, McGuinness explains: “It was one of our favourite foods before we were vegan!”.

“As there are so many chicken shops in London we felt that if there was a vegan alternative, it may persuade people to give it a go,”

“And if they liked it maybe they would change their minds about what they perceive vegan food to be.”

The Temple of Seitan started making fried chicken to fill in the gap in the market and its now become known as their signature dish.

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It’s the first day of trading for London’s first entirely #vegan fried ‘chick’n’ shop. Too hungry to queue today, but next time and may they live long & prosper! 😘 Gotta love the fact it’s just next door to ‘Hackney meat centre’. 😂 #templeofhackney #templeofseitan #vegantakeover

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