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Target and Walmart are getting tons of new Vegan products


Hampton Creek, the creator of Just Mayo, is expanding their business and taking a long, hard look at the corporate big leagues in order to make veganism and vegan food go mainstream. Lately, the company has been in talks with retail dominators Target and Walmart, common fixtures in every city and town across the United States. According to One Green Planet:

The start-up food company, famous for its Just Mayo products, announced on March 4, 2016, that it will be introducing a whopping 43 new products to retail mega giants Walmart and Target in the coming months. The new items include salad dressings, baking mixes, muffins, pancakes, and brownies.

Let’s take a look at the elephant in the room: Do these corporate monsters suck? Yes, of course, both companies are fraught with disaster, from treating workers unfairly to shutting down local businesses when they arrive in a new location. At the same time, in many rural communities, Wal-Mart might be the only option! Now that the band-aid is pulled off, let’s take a look at what that means for vegan food.

As vegans, we encourage all people, regardless of income level, to make the lifestyle switch. Walmart grants access to all vegans (at the expense of many other people, I know) or those who have always wanted to try going vegan. Yes, rice and beans are fantastic and the poor vegan’s staple, but it’s not fair for vegans in better financial situations to delegate who gets to eat the the fancy and interesting stuff, and who only gets to go for the noble frozen vegetable. Everyone deserves a few treats, and hopefully, Target and Walmart will make them accessible.


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