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Cancer survivors are turning to a raw, organic vegan lifestyle to live cancer-free


(NaturalNews) Using statistical software about eight years ago, the CDC estimated the number of people in the United States that were living with cancer. The CDC calls people living with cancer “cancer survivors” rather than “cancer victims,” and for the 30 years leading up to 2001, the number of cancer survivors in the US increased nearly seven million, but how? We, as Americans, are consuming MORE toxic food, more toxic water and putting more dangerous chemicals on our skin. Let’s take a look.

As of 2007, more than 64 percent of people were still alive five years after their diagnosis of cancer, however, six out of 10 of those survivors were senior citizens. This is where it gets tricky. Because the US population is aging, the statistics are misleading if viewed in the wrong light, and that’s exactly how the CDC wants you to view the numbers. It’s a trick to get you believing in chemotherapy as a viable option for hope of cancer survival. In fact, the number of cancer survivors in the US increased from three million in 1971 to a whopping 10 million in 2001. Breast cancer for females lead the “charge” followed closely by prostate and colorectal cancers for the most commonly diagnosed. In case you didn’t know, genetically modified foods hit the fields without safety testing as early as the mid-1980s. Is this just a coincidence with the 300 percent increase of cancer cases?

Chemo kills everything BUT the cancer?

If you are over 65 years old, then you’ve probably experienced multiple surgeries to remove organs, tissue, limbs and even parts of your brain. Chemotherapy and radiation could be keeping you alive, but in what condition? What quality of life do people have who are suffering but “surviving” long term cancer attacks? And if you do survive for five years from your first cancer diagnosis, the CDC publishes you as a statistic, so other people will be encouraged to take toxic chemotherapy, that averages helping only 2.3 percent of people to actually survive. And therein lies the rub.

Invasive surgery, risky chemotherapy and cell damaging radiation all drastically lower immunity, which is how you’re supposed to fight cancer. Allopathic approaches to fighting cancer are oxymoronic! MDs and oncologists seek to make your body more acidic with chemical pharmaceuticals and then put you under the knife, which in itself can easily spread cancer to other parts of the body. The CDC writes the script, and some quack doctor of the “cancer-fighting-industry” reads it to you after your “test results” come back from the lab. They offer you ways to survive for five years, instead of ways to terminate your cancer.

Back in 2004, a groundbreaking 14-year study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology called “The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies.” Of the 150,000 people with cancer that were studied, only three thousand survived based on help from chemotherapy. A measly 2.3 percent success rate for chemo. Did you know one of the major side effects of chemotherapy is cancer? What are the statistics for people who die from chemotherapy? Yet still, the CDC refers to chemotherapy as a “contribution” to cancer survival. Chemotherapy was only 1.8 percent effective on colon cancer and 5.4 percent effective on rectal cancer. Plus, the 2.3 percent of people that do make the CDC cancer survival statistic can still have cancer, as far as we know, because the CDC stops tracking at that point. Did they all “terminate” shortly after the publication of the findings?

Terminate cancer with raw, organic food

Let’s look at the bright side now – the raw, organic, life-loving side. One super-powerful approach to beating cancer is choosing a raw vegan diet that alkalizes the body and fills it with nutrients so it can heal itself. Start juicing raw organic vegetables. Fast for 24 hours once a month and cleanse the blood. Make giant organic salads and green smoothies often. Exercise and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Don’t eat anything GMO, ever. Live healthy and be a true survivor, not some lousy statistic.


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