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16 Million People In The US Are Now Vegan Or Vegetarian



5% of all Americans are now either vegan or vegetarian. Back in 2009 this was only 1% so is a staggering increase. The question which must be asked is why over such a short period so many people have changed their diets so radically. It would seem that there are a number of reasons but the most frequent answer is that people are not happy with commercial farming and animal treatments.


The thought that 16 million people in the states do not eat animal products is staggering especially when we remember that meat eating has always played a big part in American culture and diets. Almost half of people who now do not eat any meat say that the reason they changed their diets was entirely due to watching an educational movie.

An incredible 69% have said that they chose a vegan diet in protestation of ethical treatment of animals. Many vegetarians have transitioned into vegans over a period of a few years and over half have been vegan for less than ten years.

Other interesting points are that most vegans are women, a staggering amount of 79% are women. Having said this, men are also joining the vegan trend as consumption of meat has fallen by 12% since 2007.

What type of person is a vegetarian or vegan? Celebrities make up a section along with athletes, talk show hosts and even political figures making up a good percentage. Supermarkets now have a selection of products on their shelves and restaurants have more vegan items of their menus now than ever before. The raw vegan diet also continues to grow rapidly. It is possible that by 2050 America will be almost completely vegetarian! This diet is no longer for ‘health nuts and hippies’ but also a smart way to live.

Source: The Raw Food World

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