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Vegans Are Calling Their Cheese ‘Gary’


One woman’s rage-filled epic rant against vegan cheese has sparked a major dairy-free rebranding.

‘CHEESE,’ she writes, followed by 13 (!) cheese emojis.

‘If you’re going to be a vegan don’t call your vegan cheese BECAUSE IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!!!

As a real cheese fan myself it’s really annoyed me that Sainsbury’s have brought out a “Vegan Cheese” made with COCONUTS. CHEESE IS NOT MADE WITH COCONUTS.

‘Call it Gary or something don’t call it Cheese because IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!!!!’

She then added: ‘Don’t come to my Cheese and Wine parties if you’re going to eat COCONUT CHEESE.’

And on it goes.

Vegans, although upset that they were no longer welcome at this woman’s world famous cheese and wine parties, appreciated the suggestion that they call their dairy-free snacks ‘Gary or something’.

And so the following PSA was shared around vegan Facebook pages, which explained: ‘We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that vegan cheese is now called “GARY”.’

The new name seems to have caught on

And we mean, really caught on…


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