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Vegan And Plant Based Elite Athletes Are Changing The Sports World!


It has been always thought of that for you to be an elite athlete, you have to consume animal protein. Well, nowadays that ain’t the case anymore and these athletes can prove it. New plant based meal products are making it possible for athletes to eliminate animal proteins from their diet and still remain in competitive shape. Lets meet some of those athletes!

John Joseph-IRONMAN

Since I ran across his story, Vegan triathlete and Iron Man John Joseph has been a source of inspiration. Competing in Iron Man competitions while in his 50s is no easy feat, but with a Vegan diet providing the fuel, he gets it done! Oh. by the way- to finish an Iron Man race you have to swim 2.5 miles, bike for 138 miles, and run for 26 miles.


Ben Gordon is an NBA veteran who played for the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Bobcats, Orlando Magic, and Golden State Warriors. He won the NBA sixth Man of the Year as a Rookie-the 1st time it was ever done, and won the NCAA Mens College Championship with the UCONN Huskies. He credits his Vegan Diet with increased stamina on the court and better health in life.


The man who shocked the world by beating the Notorious Connor McGregor credits a raw plant based diet as a tool for endurance and weight control. Nate Diaz fierce in the ring and has the inside track on another shot at the UFC title for his division. Now he isn’t the only MMA fighter who is plant based. There is a trend growing in the fight ranks of Vegans who kick ass in the octagon! Jake Shields, brother Nick Diaz, Jon Fitch and Mac Danzig.


Now this guy can put you to shame on the bars. Frank Medrano is clearly superhuman with some of the things he can do. This guy has a load of incredible strength that is 100% Vegan Powered. Just look at him in action!

Patrik Baboumian-STRONGMAN

Talk about plant based power! Patrik Baboumian is an Iranian born strongman competitor who can lift insane amounts of weight and he maintains his size and strength on a Vegan diet! Doubt him? Just watch!


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