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This Escape Ramp Could Save Frogs From The Certain Death Of Swimming Pools



If you have a swimming pool, chances are you’ve had to clear a few frogs (dead or alive) out of it. We humans aren’t the only ones who want to take a cool dip now and then, after all.
The chlorine-treated water that keeps swimming pools clean and disease-free will prove deadly for frogs who spend too much time in it, which is where the Frog Log Critter Escape Ramp comes in. This handy product gives frogs a safe, chlorine-free pad to land on as well as an escape ramp that, in theory, allows them to hop on out to safety.

Swimline, the company that makes the Frog Log, says that other critters—notably squirrels and turtles—can benefit from the escape ramp as well.

According to people who’ve added the Frog Log to their pools, it really does seem to work:

“I purchased four units over a month ago, i.e., one for each section of the pool- and haven’t seen a dead creature since. Can’t tell you what a relief it’s been.” (M. Schwarz on Amazon)

Some commenters have noted that frogs do seem to find their way to the pad but sometimes can’t seem to figure out how to hop up the ramp:

“Our pool always has a lot of frogs in it. We find them sitting on the pad but have never seen them climb up the ramp. It gets them out of the water and safe. The concept is great but not sure if it takes a higher form of intellect to figure it out.” (LadyDi on Amazon)

And that the ramp may not be strong enough to support the weight of full-grown turtles:

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“It may help for young turtles but would not support the weight of most average size turtles.” (Monique on Amazon)

Whether you want to save some frog lives or are simply sick of scooping dead critters from your pool, the Frog Log could be for you. You can get it on Amazon for $11.95.

So what do you think? Is a Frog Log Critter Escape Ramp in your future?


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