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The One Video You Need To Watch To Go Vegan


You’ve probably heard of this guy – Gary Yourofsky, but if this video doesn’t give you goosebumps, I will be shocked. It surely moved me quite a lot!

His honest, upfront way of speaking on the reality of animal cruelty and the harms of consuming animal products is moving, inspirational, and most of all – thought provoking!

“When is the last time when a chicken, or a cow, attacked a human being?”

“No lie can last forever and people are becoming aware…”

“You can’t put the word humane next to rape, torture, and murder.”

Watch the full material here:

If you care about animals please share this video far and wide.

It’s not about preaching, but about raising awareness. The sad truth is that the masses are so used to consuming meat and to only satisfying their pleasure instincts that they refuse to even consider where animal products are coming from. They have been ‘programmed’ by society to refuse the truth about animal murder since they only see the end product of it – someone else has been paid to do the ‘dirty work’ instead.


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