The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You Need To See!


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When I say this, I mostly envision this newly found state of being ‘awake’. Awake and conscious of how much our choices affect other living beings, including animals, humans, and the Earth. Veganism can absolutely bring new meaning to life by giving a sense of purpose and a mission to pursue. Why is that? Just take a look at these 101 reasons to be vegan.

However, for some people going vegan can have an even greater impact in terms of health, happiness, and a newly found sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. There are a huge number of documented cases when going on a plant-based diet has helped people cure acne, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer! These scenarios are absolutely breathtaking and can serve as great inspiration to both long-term and transitioning vegans.

Here are some of the Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations

You absolutely have to see!

1. Carle Klupt

‘At 78, I Ditched Multiple Meds and Health Problems With a Plant-Based Diet’

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

I wasn’t too happy at first, but I couldn’t deny how much my numbers had improved after just a few weeks. Even I had to admit it was pretty remarkable. Sharon eventually got me to give up poultry, dairy, and almost all seafood. That’s no small feat for a 70-plus-year-old Jewish man! I also kicked my soda and heavy salt habit—I used to salt everything liberally before tasting it.

I’m now off my statins (my cholesterol is now lower than when I was on it), blood pressure medication, and my antidepressant. I also no longer suffer with gout, chronic headaches and back pain, and GERD. I’m a kidney cancer survivor with one remaining kidney (I smoked for years), and at one of my recent appointments, my kidney doctor was amazed because the function in my remaining kidney had improved. That is very atypical; function in these cases usually gradually decreases over time.

I’m now a full convert to the belief that food is powerful and can be healing. I work six days a week as a hardware store manager, my memory is back, and I feel like I’m reverse-aging. It just goes to show that you are never too old to change.

His full story here.

2. Karen Hauserman

‘Lost 260 Pounds, Heart Disease, Constant Joint Pain and Gained My Life Back’

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

By 2013, I had lost 260 pounds! I did it all on my own, without surgery or drugs, and even without a support system. I also reversed my high blood pressure and heart disease, stopped my prediabetes in its tracks, eliminated my constant joint pain, and even improved my eyesight. I felt simply amazing, and had more energy than my kids who were in their teens and early 20s! I was, for the first time in over 25 years, able to shop off the rack. I wore jeans for the first time since I was a teenager. Oh what a feeling! But what really blew my mind was stepping my entire body into one leg of my old elastic-waist knit pants. Yes, that’s right…one leg! I cried and cried! They were happy tears. I was healthy and thin, and for the first time in my entire life, I felt beautiful.

Along with keeping all that weight off for over three years, I have lost another eight pounds and successfully quit smoking. I am now a whole-food, plant-based, organic health nut. And even though I do have some loose skin, you couldn’t pay me enough to go back to my old self. I’m healthy, happy, and love the new me! At 49 years young, I feel like I’ve reversed the aging process.

Full story here.

3. Melissa Raimondi

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

Raw. Vegan. From 187lbs to 117lbs in about 16 months between photos. I am 5’6 and do not cook my food. I am Vegan for the animals and Raw because I feel my best without cooked foods. I am not a purist. I want people to evaluate their diets and make changes. P.S. For the hundreds of people who ask, I rarely workout. Some weeks I do 2-3 times and then some weeks I don’t do anything but sit on my butt at the computer for work. I’m quite lazy but am trying to get into a routine with that. At least I have the diet part right…

IG: @RawFoodRomance


4. Phillip Henderson

“Veganism saved life and paved a better future for my two kids.”

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

I weighed 350 before my change in lifestyle. I was lazy and majorly overweight all I did was eat, play video games, and sleep. I was being a bad role model for my kids at that time. My sister introduced me to veganism and I was like “ok I’ll give it shot” Little did I know my life was going to be completely flipped around. So I decided to study it a little further so I researched many things on YouTube and Wiki Just to understand it a little more. As time went by changing my eating habits before I knew it in 10 month I lost 160 pounds. I’m still shocked to this day about the weight loss. Now my life is amazing. My kids are following what I do, I’m always outside doing something, and my mind feels clearer than what it was. My body feels amazing. Life is great I feel unstoppable. Veganism saved life and paved a better future for my two kids.

IG: @thechocolatevegan

Twitter: @thaveganninja

Facebook page:


5. Luke Tan

“I was also plagued with chronic asthma, epilepsy, and kidney disease, and the medications I took for these ailments left me borderline obese.”

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

I never thought I would experience such an awakening, a paradigm shift from a reductionistic to a holistic approach to my nutrition. I now look to plant-based whole foods for my source of fuel and nourishment—I’ve gone from eating a kilo (2.2 pounds) of meat and a cabinet chock-full of supplements to enjoying green smoothie blends, healthy rice and veggie dishes, and mounds of tropical fruit. Not only has my health and physical performance improved, but I have developed an immense drive to spread the message of plant-based health and fitness as well.

In 2013, I competed in the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships as a vegan and placed second in my division. I then competed and won my division in the Naturally Fit Games in Austin, Texas. I am now focused on building my vegan fitness brand and my personal coaching company with my wife, who is a certified raw-food chef and vegan ultra-endurance athlete. We are committed to helping individuals achieve optimal health while supporting the planet’s ecology.

Full story here.

6. Lori Olson

“We Shed Nearly 300 Pounds, Multiple Symptoms, and All of Our Meds …”

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

Ed works as a pharmacist in a busy retail setting. A high percentage of the prescriptions he fills are for disorders and diseases that could be prevented or eliminated by making healthy lifestyle changes. Customers frequently ask him which diet aids work best. He is honest and tells them that none of them do, and then he shares his weight-loss story.

Today our lab results and BP numbers are fantastic, and our doctors are impressed with all the healthy lifestyle changes we have made. I have become a firm believer that each of us has the ability to prevent certain diseases and disorders by the foods that we eat.

Full story here.

7. Ashley & Andrew

“This super lifestyle has benefited us not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.”

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

On April 1st of 2012, I went 100% vegan overnight. About ten days in, I felt amazing, my skin was clearer, and I had lost a good amount of weight. I could not return to my previous diet and feel sick again, so this experiment became a lifestyle change―one that I fell in love with! I fell in love with how I felt, how I started to look, and how I started to think.

My fiancé Andrew started his journey not long after I did, and we continued this beautiful lifestyle together. Over the course of two years, I lost 125 pounds, and Andrew has lost about 75. We are living examples of the havoc that an animal-rich diet full of processed, chemical-ridden, genetically modified foods can wreak on a body. This super lifestyle has benefited us not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. We have truly experienced nothing but positive results!

Full story here.

8. Jon Bergman

“I Lost 180 Pounds in a Year … Along with High Cholesterol, Pre-Diabetes, and Sleep Apnea!”

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

Eating only plants has yielded so many unexpected benefits. My once-high cholesteroland blood sugar levels have normalized. My persistent depression is now a thing of the past. And I no longer suffer apnea-induced sleep disruption and fatigue … In fact, I feel amazing!

Full story here.

9. Tara Latham

“From Rock Bottom With Ulcerative Colitis to Pain-Free in One Year on a Plant-Based Diet”

The 9 Most Breathtakingly Life-Changing Vegan Transformations You’ll Want To See!

I won’t say it has been a complete breeze. We’ve had a few false starts and hiccups—“What!? These veggie burgers aren’t vegan?” But all in all, it has been easier than we anticipated, even for my burger-loving husband and my mac-and-cheese-guzzling toddler. We are all happy and hardy with our new food choices. We feel energized, fueled, and motivated to exercise regularly and passionately attend to all the responsibilities of daily life. Most important, we love the food we create together as a family, and the genuine feeling of reward from the meals we share together every day.

Full story here.

I believe these stunning transformations are the perfect illustration that veganism is life-changing not only health-wise – almost all of these people confirm to have achieved a breakthrough mentally, spiritually, and to have completely transformed their personal, professional lives, and relationship with food. I hope this serves as an uplifting example for everyone to consider veganism not simply as a lifestyle choice, but a mission!


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