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So Sweet Potato Toast Is a Thing Now


In quite possibly the best food news ever, there’s a new sweet potato cooking technique taking over that isn’t so much a game changer as it is an entirely new game that we want to play forever and ever: You toast them. In an actual toaster. Yes, really. When blogger Kelsey of Little Bits Of woke up one morning craving some avocado toast, she experienced one of our worst nightmares: She was out of bread. (The horror!) But that didn’t stop her from getting her omega-3 fix. No, ma’am. Instead, she did something brilliant: She sliced up some sweet potatoes (about a 1/4″ thick) and tossed them in the toaster. Minutes later, a delicious new trend was born.

You can top the bright orange veggie with whatever your heart desires, from old-fashioned avocados to almond butter and bananas.

Evidently sweet potato toast even tastes good with tuna. Who knew? The options are truly endless.

Now please excuse us while we go make sweet, sweet potato toast with our toaster. We have a feeling this is a love that’s going to last for life.

brave little toaster

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