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Singapore is Asia’s second most vegan-friendly city


SINGAPORE — From meatless burgers to dairy-free ice-cream, the Republic is a food paradise not just for meat-lovers but for vegans too. On Tuesday (Dec 27), the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) Asia listed Singapore as Asia’s second most vegan-friendly city for its “roaring vegan scene” suited for diners looking for a low-key lunch to a decadent dessert. In top spot is Taipei, capital of Taiwan, famed for its bustling night markets and street snacks such as fried chicken cutlets and roasted pork buns. It, however, also has a wide array of vegan joints, Peta Asia said.

Chiang Mai was ranked third, while Makati, a city in the Philippines, and Bangalore rounded up the top five.

The cities were judged by an expert panel of Peta Asia staff who travelled all over the region to sample vegan restaurants and street-food.

“They were judged on the number of vegan restaurants based on population, the variety of options available at non-vegan restaurants, the range of cuisines offered, and the notability of the local vegan movement,” said a spokesperson for Peta Asia.

In Singapore, notable vegan eateries highlighted by Peta include VeganBurg, a burger joint that serves up “meat” patties made of vegan ingredients, and Genesis Vegan Restaurant, which prepares popular local Chinese style dishes like “fish head” vermicelli and “chicken” rice.

This is the first time the organisation has come up with an Asian version of its ranking of vegan-friendly cities.

In 2013, it published its first list of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world with Austin, Texas, in the US topping the charts. This year, another American city, Portland, Oregon, was ranked as the world’s most vegan-friendly city.

On the need for an Asian edition of the global rankings this year, Peta Asia spokesperson said: “With the ever-increasing vegan options at restaurants throughout the region, we wanted to honour the cities that are plant-based eating havens and make more people aware of the healthy and humane dining options that are available in their cities.”


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