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Plant-Based Doctor Directory Lists Vegan Practitioners Across the Country


based movement grows, more and more people are seeking practitioners who understand the importance of lifestyle and nutrition when it comes to healthcare. Too many mainstream doctors aren’t educated on the latest research, much less open-minded towards alternative opinions.

But now, thanks to PlantBasedDoctors.org, you can find a practitioner who’s on board with your lifestyle.

The site is a free directory created by popular blogger Happy Herbivore (aka Lindsay Nixon), Meal Mentor and Don’t Lose the Cow. Current featured practitioners include John McDougall, Barnard Medical Center, Michael Greger and Gabriel Cousens.

“Last September I took to Facebook and asked my fans to list any doctors or medical professionals they knew that were supportive of the plant-based diet or were plant-based or vegan themselves,” explained Nixon to Latest Vegan News. “Many people left the names of their doctors or other practitioners, and many doctors themselves wrote in. I compiled an international list based on their responses and shared it in a blog post.

After she posted the list, Nixon’s friends at Forks Over Knives shared it, and lots of people wrote in asking to be added. She’s been updating the list in a Google spreadsheet ever since.

“A few months back, Matt Jager emailed me and asked if he could use the information I’d collected and create a website database for it,” says Nixon of how the website came to be. “He’s generously been using his time and passion to build it ever since, and released the website this week. I hope this website will help people following a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle find medical professionals that are supportive of their lifestyle as well as bring business to doctors and other practitioners who are in our community and are pushing peas instead of pills.”

You can check out the full database at PlantBasedDoctors.org, and submissions are welcome online.


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