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MuSkin: A Vegan “Leather” Made Entirely From Mushrooms


Leather made specially for vegans. Meet the mushroom leather which can be used for producing handbags, hats, ets. This is great news for all vegan buddies and this is definitely worth sharing! See the description of the pictures below.




1 a: A 100 percent biodegradable vegetal leather, extracted from mushroom caps and “tanned” using chemical-free methods. b: Resembles suede but is “much softer,” according to Italy-based textile manufacturer GradoZero Espace. c: Described as breathable, pliable, naturally water-repellant, and suitable for direct contact with human skin. d: Claims to stymie the proliferation of bacteria.

2: Easily shaped into myriad three-dimensional forms, including purses, watch straps, shoe insoles, and hats.

3: Similar to Myx, a Danish-made textile made by fusing commercial mushroom production waste with hemp or linen fibers to create a durable yet flexible matrix.

Source: © Ecouterre.com

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