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Meet The Vegan Saudi Arabian Prince, Who Is Using All His Wealth To Promote Clean Energy!



Meet, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, son of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, who is Arab world’s richest investor, famously called ‘the Arabian Warren Buffett’. In a country that is steeped in conservatism, 38-year-old Prince  Khaled is a breath of fresh air, he passionately supports animal rights and strives to bring his country to a more sustainable path in terms of energy. Back in 2013, he set up his own company called the KBW investment, which deals with mining, oil and gas. While most of the Arab world’s energy resource is centred around its massive oil reserves. Prince Khaled hopes to turn this around.


According to a National Observer report, the Prince has installed 100,000 LED lights across Jordan along with solar panels. He strongly believes that the use of solar power can replace the use of fossil fuel in the future.

The ‘down-to-earth’ Prince, also follows a very strict vegan diet and his switch was triggered by a hunting trip that exposed the cruelty that animals are put through. But the Prince clarifies that he prefers calling his diet “plant-based” rather than vegan.

Speaking to the National Observer he said: “If I say the ‘v-word,’ people automatically put their guard up. But if you talk plant-based, they’re comfortable and it’s easy to get along with them. I’m trying to push the plant-based movement.”

The ardent environmentalist also drives an eco-friendly Tesla X P90D and buys carbon offsets for all his flights to reduce the environmental footprint.

Now, that’s what you call dedication!

On his official Twitter account, Prince Khaled, actively spreads the word to stop animal cruelty. He is also a part of Mercy For Animals organisation.


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