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First-Ever Vegan Scrambled Eggs to Hit the Market; Company Seeking Investor


In the vegan world. The Vegg name is synonymous with realistic egg alternatives (yolks, in particular).
Back in 2011, founder Rocky Shepheard started selling an egg yolk replacement that mimicked the real thing, good for every recipe from French Toast to Hollandaise sauce.


Now, the company is about to make history with its release of The Vegg Scramble, the world’s first commercially available plant-based scrambled egg.

For eaters across the globe, vegan scrambled eggs have been an illusive dream, with tofu long serving as the only viable breakfast substitute. Clearly, however, it’s the not the same, and many have been longing to re-create the morning tradition. With The Vegg Scramble, breakfast could fundamentally change.

“The Vegg Scramble taste and texture is quite close to scrambled eggs,” says creator Shepheard. “It may even fool some.” Imagine: vegan scrambled eggs and facon bacon, grilling up on a lazy Saturday morning.

“I only release products that I would willingly and eagerly consume on a daily basis,” he adds. “What’s not to love? Tastes like scrambled eggs with almost as much protein as real eggs, almost no fat, low in carbohydrates, zero cholesterol, simple ingredients, GMO-free, gluten-free, kosher and cruelty-free.”

Shepheard had been thinking about the possibility of vegan scrambled eggs since The Vegg’s release in 2011.

“As subsequent products were developed—The Vegg Baking Mix and The Vegg French Toast Mix—I began to see the potential for some minimal modifications that could lead to a shelf-stable, dry mix. This mix, when hydrated with high protein plant-based milk (ranging from 7g -12 g protein), would coagulate not unlike tofu or real scrambled eggs.”

Vegan scrambled eggs, gelling in the pan. Courtesy of The Vegg.

Initially, the product will only be available online, and the store is already open for pre-order (with the first shipment expected to go out in late April). The limit is two per customer, and the price is only $5.99.

“The introductory price is less than half MSRP to help celebrate being the first product of its kind,” Shepheard explains. “When that production run has been sold, then it will be sold to my current set of retailers and distributors worldwide.”

To take his vegan scrambled eggs to a larger market, Shepeard is seeking an investor.

“With a few hundred thousand investment, The Vegg Scramble could be in the likes of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, etc., inside six to eight months.”

Vegan scrambled eggs are about to be a reality. Courtesy of The Vegg.

For $200,000, Shepeard will sell 50% of the business, he offered in a LinkedIn post. And while he doesn’t have extensive product research (business plan, competitive analysis, etc.) he doesn’t think it’s necessary “to invest 30-40 thousand dollars doing such, given the unique nature of the product.”

Vegan scrambled eggs are unique, indeed.

While Hampton Creek is working on a vegan scrambled eggs creation of its own, they haven’t yet perfected their recipe, and no other companies have been able to create a viable product in this category. The Vegg Scramble, however, will be hitting people’s plates in about a month.

“I’d really love to see The Vegg become a household name, a product whose name represents in the public eye, a more sustainable, earth-friendly, healthy and cruelty-free way to get protein and not sacrifice flavor and texture,” Shepeard says.

Vegan scrambled eggs that are chicken approved—what more could any herbivore ask for?


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