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Dallas Barbecue Enthusiasts Outraged, Confused By Vegan Brisket


In the city of meat, vegan fare can be a little sparse. The arrival of V-Eats Modern Vegan to Trinity Groves brings plenty of new meat-free options for those who eat plant-based diets, and one menu item is sparking a little bit of controversy.


Dallas Observer food editor Beth Rankin headed to V-Eats to check out the restaurant’s vegan brisket, a decidedly unique addition to Dallas’ barbecue scene. Rankin describes the meat substitute as “smoky and moist,” and “kind of chewy,” ultimately deciding that the vegan brisket is “pretty good.”

A number of Dallasites, on the other hand, weren’t convinced. In a post to the Dallas Observer’s Facebook page, angry carnivores let loose in the comments. “Why do vegans gotta ruin everything?” read one comment. “Brisket is sacred, don’t fuck with brisket.” Other commenters debated whether or not the dish could actually be called “brisket” since it doesn’t actually, you know, come from a cow.

On Twitter, the reaction was equally skeptical:

Even a Houston barbecue joint weighed in on the controversy:

Perhaps not surprisingly, a number of vegans defended the dish. “People usually don’t eat these substitutes because they miss meat, it’s more about the familiar flavors and texture,” wrote local blog Dallas Vegan Roundup on Facebook. “Much of the flavor in BBQ comes from sauce and spices, most of which are already vegan. Dallas is way behind the rest of the country in vegan dining – as usual, we are playing catch-up. But it’s a start!”

You’ll have to head to V-Eats and decide for yourself whether or not vegan brisket is a thing that should actually exist in this world.


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