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Amy’s Kitchen: ‘Of Our 250 Products, Now Over Half Are Vegan’

Amy’s Kitchen: ‘Of Our 250 Products, Now Over Half Are Vegan’

Ever since opening its massively popular, plant-based fast foodery in California last year, the name “Amy’s” has been EVERYWHERE. But Amy’s Drive-Thru isn’t the company’s only focus; Amy’s Kitchen has a whopping 250 products in mainstream retailers nationwide. And now, more than half of those products are vegan, the company says. Better still, it just released seven new animal-free items, from a breakfast scramble to a curry to a pesto pizza.

“At Amy’s, we listen closely to all of our customers and always have. We really do read all of our customer requests,” a company rep told Latest Vegan News. “We have had many product requests from vegans and they have inspired our product innovation. Of our current 250 products, now over half are vegan.”

The company’s seven new vegan products include:

  • Breakfast Scramble
  • Harvest Casserole Bowl
  • Vegan Cheeze and Black Bean Enchilada
  • Chinese Noodles & Veggies in a Cashew Cream Sauce
  • Thai Green Curry
  • Black Bean and Quinoa Burrito
  • Rice Crust Dairy-Free Pesto Pizza

All of the above items are also gluten-free.

“We always consider the option of making some of our new items also available in gluten free or vegan. A good example is our new vegan enchilada,” the rep added.

Amy’s Kitchen products are available at hundreds of retailers, from Walmart to Target to Whole Foods.

In addition, Amy’s mom (and company co-founder), Rachel, is now on Twitter, and wants to hear from happy customers! Her handle is @LoveAmysMama.

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