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25 Snack Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan-friendly


A lot of people are surprised to find out how much of their “regular” snack food is actually vegan-friendly. Vegan food is just food that contains no products derived from animals. Find out what to buy for that one friend that only eats plants!



1. Oreos.

Milk’s favorite cookie, to the surprise of literally everyone, actually contains no milk. The most famous cookie in history is primarily soy-based, even the creme filling.

2. Sweet spicy chili Doritos.

Who said “plant-based” was synonymous with “healthy”?

3. Skittles.

Taste the cruelty-free rainbow!

4. Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

It may top dairy desserts, but this topping is dairy-free.

5. Airheads.

6. Sour Patch Kids.

Sour, sweet, gelatin-free.

7. Twizzlers.

8. Bac-O bits.

Yep. We didn’t believe it either.

9. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Even with that buttery flavor.

10. Duncan Hines baking mixes.

Make them with egg and dairy substitutes and BAM vegan cake.

11. Ritz crackers.

Again, with the buttery flavor.

12. Blow pops


13. Lay’s Barbecue potato chips.

Sauces may be used on meats, but most barbecue sauces consist of nothing but spices.

14. Dots.

Again, no gelatin!

15. Nature Valley Bars – Peanut Butter.

On-the-go carbs and protein. Still crumblier than you can imagine, though. Thanks Nature Valley.

16. Dum-dums.

We still don’t know what the mystery flavor is, but it sure isn’t from an animal.

17. Fruit by the Foot

Three-feet of multi-colored goodness.

18. Jolly Ranchers

19. Cracker Jack

Take me to the ballgame for these anytime.

20. Fritos

Full list of ingredients: Corn, Corn Oil, Salt, Sunflower Oil.

21. Jell-O Pudding

None of their mixes contain gelatin for an animal-free dessert.

22. SuperPretzels

Only one of the greatest frozen foods on the market.

23. Krispy Kreme pies

All fruit flavors. Again, who said eating plants was healthy?

24. Swedish Fish

The only animal-related thing about them are their shape.

25. Sriracha sauce.

Technically not a snack, but a-more-than deserving contribution. Your veggie friend can safely drown their tofu stir-fry in this stuff.

Vegan foods aren’t all super strange and exotic. Plenty of it is average food that most people have grown up with, so don’t freak out next time see a “vegan” label on your favorite candy.

Sarah Gruenewald, Source

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