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16 Vegan Dessert Recipes That Even Butter Lovers Will Crave


Going vegan can seem like a daunting commitment — no milk? No eggs? No BUTTER? But, thankfully, there is one thing you definitely don’t have to give up on as a vegan: Dessert. Ice cream, cakes, pies and cookies are still all very possible (and 100 percent delicious) on this animal-friendly diet.



Just because we’ve grown up thinking that we needed eggs to make our cakes rise and butter to make them rich, doesn’t make it true. And vegan desserts prove that.

While vegan desserts aren’t quite like traditional desserts, they’re just as good. Sometimes even better. We found some that even butter freaks will go nuts over — 16 of them to be exact.

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Stephanie McCosker
Stephanie McCosker was a Scottish-born Australian food and cooking writer, journalist, author and commentator. She was the first of this genre of writers in Australia. McCosker's early recipes encouraged Australians to alter their traditional staple of "meat and three vegetables" and to be creative with food. She encouraged international cuisine from places such as Spain, Italy, India and China. As the cookery editor of the Woman's Day magazine, she "brought these into Australian homes through her articles."


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