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12 creative alternatives to ordinary pots for your plants


Plants and flowers in pots are always magical interior or garden decorations, especially if the pots are unusual and creative.
We collected a few inspirational and cute ideas for new homes for your ’green friends.’ Try to have a look at familiar things from a new angle!

A guitar

An old guitar can become a cozy home for your plant. This idea would be especially great for creeping plants. Add a creative touch to your interior!


Here’s how you can give a second life to an old book. It will look like a living fairy tale on your desk.

Knitted pots

Knitted soft pots will add comfort and warmth to your room.

Felted pots

Felted pots look incredibly cute — I want to cuddle them!


Plants arranged in rocks look very unusual and natural.


You can also decorate a plain brick wall with beautiful flowers and plants.

Baskets and suitcases

Place your plants in suitcases and baskets to make cute chests filled with green treasure.

Coconut shells

Even a coconut shell can become a nice decoration for your garden or balcony.


Plants dressed in worn jeans will lift up your mood every time you look at them.

Paper bags

Wouldn’t you agree that bright flowers in paper bags look incredibly cute and gentle?


You can make interesting flowerpots with tree trunks. Moreover, plants usually feel great growing in them.


If you have large seashells, you can use them as charming houses for your tiny plants.

Without any doubt, these original pots will add a unique charm to your home. Moreover, all guests will definitely compliment your creativity. We hope our collection will inspire you to bring your own ideas to life. Just use a little imagination!

Preview photo credit: housebyhoff.com


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