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10 Vegan Products That Will Fool Meat Eaters


As vegans, we’re lucky to live in this era. Decades ago, our kind was relegated to powdered meat substitutes and a watery non-dairy beverage or two. Sure, we had plenty of plants to choose from, but vegan convenience foods were essentially unheard of.

These days, however, vegan products are everywhere, and meat and dairy alternatives are being whipped up in labs, production facilities and home kitchens across the globe. From test-tube meats to eggs made from plants, this is an innovative time for meatless eats.

The fact is, some products are so similar to their counterparts that they’d fool even the most discerning of omnivores. To give you some ideas for your next dinner party, here’s a list of 10 vegan products that will fool meat eaters every time.

10. Field Roast Grain Meat’s Deli Slices
Made with veggies and wheat gluten, these flavorful “meats” are an amazing addition to any sandwich. Pile a sammie high with Just Mayo, Follow Your Heart American cheese and all the accouterments, and no one will know they’re not eating meat.

9. Gardein’s beefless burger
This company’s products have multiple spots on this list, thanks to its uncanny ability to replicate the real thing. Gardein’s beefless burger is hearty, chewy and has all the mouthfeel of real beef—without the cruelty and high cholesterol.

8. Field Roast Grain Meat’s Chao Slices
Another favorite from the Field Roast folks, this coconut cheese is tasty straight from the package, and has a texture that rivals any packaged Muenster or Provolone. Melt it on top of a Gardein beefless burger and your dinner guests will be none the wiser that they’re eating a meat and dairy free meal.

7. Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese
Vegan cream cheeses have a less-than-stellar reputation … with good reason. Most are missing the texture and flavor of the real thing. Tofutti’s version, however, is arguably even better than standard issue cream cheese—as its name suggests. Pair with strawberry jam atop a toasted bagel, and it’s a doppelganger for Philadelphia’s finest.

6. Light Life’s Jumbo Smart Dogs
Most hot dog eaters would be horrified to hear what’s in their favorite game-day snack. Luckily, Light Life has recreated the traditional favorite with soy protein instead of gristle, fat and offal. Slap it on a bun with relish, ketchup, mustard and vegan chili, and it’s an identical match to those sold in stadiums.

5. Gardein’s chick’n scallopini
Gardein is the master of beef, chicken and most recently, fish. The “breasts” that come in its chick’n scallopini have the texture and taste of real chicken, and are an excellent addition to a whole host of dishes. Cut them up and use ’em in stir fry, salads—even as the meatier half of chicken and dumplings. No one will know the difference.

4. Beyond Meat’s Beefy Crumble
Beyond Meat’s rendition of this ubiquitous food is totally indistinguishable from actual beef. Throw it into chili, tuck it into tacos, layer it in lasagna—the options are endless, and meat eaters will adore it.

3. Gardein’s fishless filet
Van de Kamp’s has a serious competitor on its hands. These fishless filets are just like the battered cods every kid goes crazy for. Serve them in some fish tacos or with (vegan) tartar sauce, and your dinner guests will rave.

2. So Delicious’ Cocowhip
Cool Whip may be a household favorite, but it’s all chemicals and cow’s milk. Cocowhip, on the other hand, tastes better, is made with coconut oil and tapioca syrup, and is cruelty-free. It’s perfect paired with ice cream, dolloped on top of strawberries or eaten by the spoonful.

1. Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo
The all-star of the plant-based world, this delicious mayo is taking over the world. It’s stealing market share from Hellmann’s, making its way into cafeterias and earning rave reviews from, well, everyone. It comes in regular, sriracha, chipotle and garlic, and omnivores and herbivores alike are huge fans.

Know of any other vegan products that will fool meat eaters? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!


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