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10 Fabulous 5-Minute Vegan Meals


The sheer thought of making a practically homemade meal in five minutes is unthinkable in the present world of frozen dinners and canned soups, but it is possible. In fact, here are ten meals that prove just that!





1. Chickpea Waldorf Salad

What’s easier or faster than chopping up produce and chucking them into a bowl? Definitely not a sloth, but they are a different story. This salad has nothing to do with sloths; it has everything to do with deliciousness. Apples, grapes, chickpeas, celery, walnuts, and a couple other ingredients mesh together to create the most amazing thing you’ve ever put into your stinking mouth (not to mention that it takes around five minutes to make).

2. Vegan Sloppy Joes

They might be messy looking and viewed as the antithesis of gourmet food, but sloppy Joes sure are scrumptious and quick to throw together. When your stomach is growling and you are two seconds away from diving head first into that leftover cake, stop and make these little puppies. All it takes is a little sauté and you’re done — just make sure you’ve got all the ingredients you need.

3. Lettuce Wraps

These simple wraps just require clean lettuce leaves, artichokes (skip the grilling for a quicker meal), precooked quinoa, rice noodles (which shouldn’t be precooked), and a few other ingredients. The only timely part of these wraps is cooking the rice noodles and the optional grilling of the artichokes. Lettuce wraps are easy, crunchy, filling, and delicious, so make some today!

4. Lentil Salad

Ten ingredients. Five minutes. You can totally make this salad, no problem whatsoever; just make sure that you’ve got sprouted lentils. If you don’t, then you probably can use steamed lentils that are readily available pre-made at Trader Joe’s and Costco. Alternatively, you can make them at home. After you’ve got the lentils, you just have to chop up stuff to complete your fast and easy meal.

5. Beginner Green Smoothie

Green smoothies fill up your growling tummy as quick as can be! Just throw stuff in the blender, press the button, and you’ve got yourself a liquid dinner — it’s marvelously simple but nonetheless nutritious.

6. Lemony Chickpea Salad

If you leave out the oil in this elegant salad, you’ll have five ingredients that you can most definitely smash together in five minutes. If you leave in the oil, then it will still be a super quick meal too, but it just sounds better to have five in five. Grab a can of chickpeas or get those cooked ones out of your fridge, and throw this salad together pronto!

7. Avocado Kale Chili Salad

This is another sensuous six ingredient salad that can be prepared in five fabulous minutes. The dressing has a bit more ingredients, but you can throw it together in no time at all. The only caveat here, as far as time goes, is that the recipe says to soak the kale to break it down somewhat for ten minutes; however, you can do five minutes, no problem.

8. Chipotle-Inspired Burrito

Grab some refried beans, precooked rice, pre-made guacamole, veggies, and salsa and you’ve got all you need for a beautiful burrito. If most of your ingredients are already made or available, then you can definitely make your burrito in five minutes, and it will be freakin’ amazing.

9. Mexican Bowl Over Spaghetti Squash

As long as you’ve got some cooked spaghetti sauce, you can heat that up, pour some beans over it, and add some toppings and call it a day because you’ve got yourself a mighty meal in around five minutes. This dish is even paleo (without the beans) and vegan-friendly!

10. Avocado and Black Bean Tortas

Tortas are basically simple sandwiches, but these sandwiches have avocado, cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, onions, refried black beans, sriracha cashew sauce, and lime. With so few but flavorful ingredients, these tortas are the best quick meal there is. Gluten-free? No problem, just use a corn tortilla.

With all these recipes, you’ll be hard pressed to find a time when you get hungry and end up eating processed junk or drive thru food. Opt for these recipes instead — they’re all around five minutes to make and delicious to shovel into your mouth.

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